Going Live on KBLU 560 AM

KBLU 190x131Radio Arizona RV will be broadcasting Live from the KBLU 560am Studios in Yuma on Thursdays from 8am to 9am weekly. This is a unique opportunity for KBLU, Arizona RV an the Local RV community. The show will will reflect the style of the Podcast's that Eric Stark and Radio Arizona RV are already producing. This will be a more localized show but, it will still be an an hour of education for any and all RV'ers. The first show will broadcast on November 17th @ 8am and will continue each Thursday therafter.

Eric Stark Digital Services

Eric Stark Digital Services is the culmination of many years developing products for my own business interests. I am a DIY in many aspects of my life. Need a new bathroom vanity? Buld it! Need a new engine for your car? Build it! Need a Display Booth for a Petco show that looks like you spent 100 grand on it? Build it! Need a Computer? Build it!