Website Creation

Websites are no longer something of the future, they are the here and now solution to attract new customers and keep existing customers engaged in your products and services. The technology in website design and development has increased dramatically in the last 5 years and new improvements continue almost daily and it is getting better and easier for the inexperienced to take advantage of new technologies without being a Techi or an Expert.

Eric Stark Digital can build a simple website or a larger more complex website for sharing information with new and existing customers. Quite often businesses do not need elaborate websites with hundreds of pages to get the point across or to have forms and documents available for their existing or new customer to view or download. Less is better!

More and more businesses are moving away from large cumbersome websites with lots of navigation links and an excessive amount of graphics. The new norm is making what your customers really need in a nice, clean organized website. 
We use already proven platforms for new website creation. There is no need to take chances with security or dealing with constant problems with websites breaking down with nuisance types of problems. We have websites that have been online for many years with almost problems, there will always be problems, it is keeping them to a very minimal recurrence is what makes a reliable website.

All of the websites we build can be maintained by us or we can teach you how to make changes on your own saving time and money. We firmly believe that it is your website and you should be able to do as much or as little as possible. We also prefer to put everything needed in your name with access credentials so you have absolute control of everything. That could include the domain name, the web hosting provider, analytic accounts etc... You just allow us access when needed! If you prefer we can provide everything you need and then we will grant you access when needed. 

Eric Stark Digital Services

Eric Stark Digital Services is the culmination of many years developing products for my own business interests. I am a DIY in many aspects of my life. Need a new bathroom vanity? Buld it! Need a new engine for your car? Build it! Need a Display Booth for a Petco show that looks like you spent 100 grand on it? Build it! Need a Computer? Build it!