Podcast Consulting Kept Simple!

OfficeI have searched the internet and have been amazed at how many people are trying to make a living doing podcast consulting. Some are definitely better than others in many different ways.

Some are much friendlier in giving out free information than others and I understand they are trying to make a living and they do need to charge for their services. 

One Podcaster that stands out to me is Ryan Urlacher known as the "Hi-Tech Redneck". I have talked by email with him a couple of times and that does not make me his Bro, it makes me an unknown supporter of his.

The Hi-Tech Redneck gives out a lot of Free advice about the technical side of Podcasting and it makes it a lot easier for the guy who does not have experience with Mixers, Head Phone Splitters, Compressor Limiters etc.... We can't always expect advice or in depth consulting for Free. 

In most cases once you get started with your Podcast you will need very little help with the equipment in fact, it will become more interesting than a burden. Your eyes will be opened to new opportunities with your professional sound equipment. If you added a couple of Mackie Powered Thump 12 speakers to your system you could do sound for small corporate type of events. Toss in a GoRack and you won't even need to pack up the mixer, it becomes the mixer and is a lot smaller to carry and easier to set up.

       1600 Thump12 detail4        1600 Thump12 detail1         goRack large    1600 goRack detail1

Pictured above are the Powered Mackie Thump 12 Speakers which work with the DB GoRack. The DB GoRack can run 2 powered speakers and 2 microphones. The Mackie Speakers and the GoRack each have volume controls and built in equalizers. This is a great combination for small corporate type of events or if someone needs a PA system and maybe some music playing at various times. This type of stuff can add to your business and maybe not the the True Money Maker but, it can bring in some cash and you never know who you will meet!

Here is the deal, if you need help getting your Podcast off the ground I can help. You can find equipment lists everywhere but, you can't find a lot of the behind the scenes necessities with out paying a hefty price. I can help you with any aspect of the podcast itself or installing your website with a trusted hosting company. Sometimes just the early stages of getting started can be the hardest. It is all new to you and everyone talks to you like you are an expert and expected to know what all of the terminology means. And of course your skill level will play into the equation and that can determine how much help you really need.

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