Project X

Project X is not really a secret, it just sounds intriguing to those who do not know what my Master Plan is. Project X is really just the the action needed to completely simplify our order processes whether it is multiple internet orders from our own e Commerce sites or Amazon & E Bay. 

The goal is to merge our 3 E Commerce sites into one and have our Amazon and E Bay sites communicate with our ERP module to pull all sales data, accounting, inventory control into one module. With this being done our entire system including walk in traffic at our Brick & Mortar Location or Internet sales will be all transacted in one connected system. This is huge for us because of the amount time it takes to maintain and process orders from multiple E Commerce Sites and our POS/CMS systems. Believe it or not, we have Quick Books in the mix as well. Nothing against Quick Books, it was matter of timing and other circumstances that took place when we deployed Windward System 5 our Point of Sale System (POS). Windward System 5 is a great POS system that I would recommend to anyone if their circumstances required it.

The only thing we will need is an internet connection once the system is fully deployed. We will no longer need any local servers and the headache of maintaining them and the constant worry about hard drives crashing. Recently one of the hard drives did fail and fortunately I had a raid set up with 4 hard drives and it was a matter of removing the hard drive that failed. The server is at the end of it's life and it is just a PC that needs too much attention and too much worry. Get rid of a server and you get rid of a major worry.

Time and Money consume to much time for any business owner and any time or processes that can be removed or modified is a step towards a smoother running business and of course it increases productivity and the bottom line. It also creates a better work environment for the employees by reducing steps to process orders, maintain inventories, help customers and any other steps involved on a daily basis.

When we are up and running 100% I will share the name of the company that we have partnered with to accomplish this major goal. We can do a lot on our own and we can certainly find DIY services for a lot of what we do and what our customers need. A DIY solution would be a major mistake with what I wanted to accomplish. I have been researching this for many years long before the technology was really in place to accomplish my goals in a streamlined modular system.

Eric Stark Digital Services

Eric Stark Digital Services is the culmination of many years developing products for my own business interests. I am a DIY in many aspects of my life. Need a new bathroom vanity? Buld it! Need a new engine for your car? Build it! Need a Display Booth for a Petco show that looks like you spent 100 grand on it? Build it! Need a Computer? Build it!